SEPA arranged for Martin Janes of the River Restoration Centre to come to River Avon to give advice on our plans for habitat improvement. Martin produced a report on the project, which we submitted to F.E.T.

A. Berg of F.E.T. said it was time to stop seeking professional advice and submit our plan to his board, which we did. The word back from the board was to de a bit more detailed plan with more information. We managed to get Jamie Ribbens of the Galloway Fisheries Trust to agree to project manage for us as he had experience in habitat improvement. We had also to get a car licence from SEPA. We were expertly guided through this process by Andy Hemingway from SEPA.

After all this we were ready to resubmit our business plan to Falkirk Environmental Trust. This we duly did with the support of A. Berg and we managed to secure funding for phase one

The main funders were

  • Falkirk Council CLD

  • Falkirk Enviromental Trust

  • WREN Waste recycling group limited


  • SEPA

  • Wild Trout Trust

  • Brown Homes

  • Linlithgow Angling Club

This has taken us 5 years of hard work to get to this point.

Now we start by pegging out where pinch point’s upstream groynes boulder placements.

We had electrofish done before work commences. Galloway Fisheries did this.

Now we start by pegging out where pinch point’s upstream groynes boulder placements.

Work begins

Boulder placed at pegs at each groyne pinch point boulder placement.

Work begins in earnest now (various pictures).

We had to work very quickly to get as much as possible done.

Work stopped for spawning season.

March 4th 2008

Andy Hemingway, Hillary Holden, SEPA and J. Ribbens had a site visit to see if winter floods had done any damage to work. Everything was still in place. Andy was very pleased with work done. Jamie asked him about an experimental gravel bed. Andy said he would let us know about this. We also asked if we could add a few more boulder as we had not reached our quota. He did not see a problem.

End July 2008

On site to finish off Phase 1 and to add gravel bed.

September 2008

Follow up Electrofish, which showed salmon parr, trout minnows, stone loach and fresh water lampreys.